register todayThe Queens Village Republican Club has launched a voter registration and membership drive in order to accomplish the Club’s mission as stated on www.facebook.com/qvgop: “To elect Republicans to public office who believe in the founding principles of our Constitutional Republic: individual liberty, small government, free markets and strong national defense.” Here are some important details for registering voters and some talking points to go person to person and win hearts and minds.

1.  Voter registration forms can be obtained by mail, online download or in person from the Board of Elections. We will also distribute them at all QVRC meetings and events. Please ask your unregistered neighbors, friends and family to register to vote and bring extra forms to any meetings you attend. We hope that they will register as Republicans and while we can encourage them to select the Republican or Conservative parties on the registration form, it is their choice which party to enroll in, or to choose no political party affiliation.
2.  Ask the new registrant not to mail it in, rather to return the completed form to you. Hand it in to Phil Orenstein, Jim Trent or any of the QVRC officers. They will hand deliver the forms to the Board of Elections and get a time-stamped copy for proof the new voter is in the system. We will add their address and contact information to our Club’s database as well.
3.  Explain that in order to vote in a political party’s Primary Election, they need to register in that particular party. However, for the General Election, they can vote for anyone no matter which party they select.
4.  Have them print clearly and legibly and inform them that their signature will be on file for verification in future elections and petition drives.
5. Besides using the form to become eligible to vote, voters may submit a registration form to change their party affiliation, addresses, name changes, etc. Their address information must be current to be eligible to vote.
6.  Go here for some of the talking points, facts and figures to help get the message out.

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