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For Such a Time as This

By Elena Chin
Mom’s for Liberty Queens County Chapter Chair

     It was with a heavy heart, that I ended my career as a NYC elementary school guidance counselor in June of 2021.  At that time, I was two years short of reaching full retirement age and I took a reduction of 12% of my pension. I hadn’t planned to retire for a few more years. The decision did not come easily.

     When the schools shut down in March of 2020, I never imagined they would remain closed for as long as they did. My heart went out to the families I worked with as they struggled with the demands of remote learning. The Department of Education’s response to the pandemic was shameful. As a guidance counselor, I witnessed firsthand, the social, emotional, and academic impact school closures had on the children. COVID-19 policies were undoubtedly more harmful to the children than the disease itself.

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