Say NO to Governor Cuomo’s plan to reimagine our school system!

Say NO to Governor Cuomo’s plan to reimagine our school system!

“Emperor Cuomo sits on his throne ever more drunk on his own power”

By Phil Orenstein

Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg – big gov’t and big tech overloards to reimagine life in NYS
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There’s great news amidst the pandemic showing that support for President Trump and Republicans is growing throughout America. The President’s job approval rose to 51% according to a new Hill-HarrisX poll. Republicans are sweeping special elections races across the country including two more House seats in California and Wisconsin last week, revealing a great sign on the road ahead for victory in November!

However, here in New York, Emperor Cuomo sits on his throne ever more drunk on his own power. Using the pandemic as an opportunity to issue sweeping executive decrees, Cuomo is partnering with billionaire globalists, first with former Mayor Bloomberg to launch a contact tracing army, which will further erode our liberties, already decimated under two months of lockdown. Cuomo’s latest decree, in partnership with Bill Gates and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, will “reimagine” New York’s public school system, to overhaul the education system as we know it, replacing the teacher and physical classroom setting with digital technology peddled by these tech giants. “We don’t want to go through all of this and replace what was there before,” the emperor proclaimed.

Nicholas Giordano, Professor of Political Science, who spoke at past club meetings said, “Merging big government and big tech will completely destroy our education system.” In his latest enlightening PAS Report Podcast, Professor Giordano, blasted the emperor saying:

“If we allow Emperor Cuomo to fulfill his vision of reimagining education, the education system will be lost forever. Education will no longer be about knowledge, discussion, ideas, the ability to think critically, and building social relationships. Instead, education will be about obedience and compliance with the powers that be, with a little slice of social justice mixed in. Education will become nothing more than another app on our phones. It will become completely meaningless. If Governor Cuomo’s vision comes to fruition, we will be creating an entire generation of mindless bots.”

Jerry Matacotta, historian and 30-year veteran of NYC’s public schools, challenged this reckless high-tech plan as a total breakdown of the traditional student-teacher relationship, where children are lifted out of their everyday environments to enrich their lives with higher aspirations and dreams. They would lose irreplaceable socialization skills and disciplines which can never be learned on a digital platform. Shop classes, orchestra, debates, clubs, sports teams, gymnastics, vocational training, and any extra-curricular activities would be no more.  Education basically has not changed since the days of Socrates, Athens’ street-corner philosopher, where a live teacher uses the famous Socratic method to stimulate critical thinking and to bring out ideas in his students.

Something much more sinister is going on. Bloomberg, Gates, Schmidt and other globalist billionaires who have no background in teaching, nor do they care about educating our kids, bow before the gods of big money and global power. It’s a money grab from the vast property tax income stream that finances today’s public education system. With the state facing a $13 billion deficit, and potential deep cuts to New York’s schools, Cuomo is making a Faustian bargain with these tech giants trading control of New York’s school system to bail us out of the looming financial crisis.

For this devilish tradeoff, he wants to let these tech industry elitists do a complete takeover of New York’s schools and determine our education policy. Whoever controls the knowledge industry has more power, control over people lives, and control of the future, and will be well funded by our tax dollars. It’s feeding the beast until it is big enough to devour us.

Big tech is not capitalism. It’s akin to corporatism or statism, which is China’s system without competition, where corporations and the Communist Party are one and the same. Google and former CEO Eric Schmidt have been working with the Chinese Communist Party to develop a secret censored search engine, code named Google Dragonfly, that would remove such terms as “human rights,” “freedom,” “democracy” and other content blacklisted by the CCP. Google and the US tech giants helped China build the “Great Firewall” to block their citizens’ access to the outside world.

Even more chilling is the social credit system China is instituting to control the behavior of its 1.4 billion people. More than 200 million surveillance cameras are watching its citizens every move, rewarding the trustworthy and penalizing people who are ranked poorly in their “social credit score,” by denying them mortgages, high-speed train and plane tickets, access to good schools, etc. Dissent and criticism of the government are criminalized, and offenders “pay a heavy price.” This Orwellian mass surveillance system to foster obedience and submission is made in America by Google, Facebook and our big tech companies. Do you trust Google, Eric Schmidt and big tech to be in charge of our education system?

We must say NO to Governor Cuomo and his plan to reimagine our school system! We must say NO to the partnership of big government and big tech in education. Google and our tech giants are way too big – stifling competition, censoring conservative opinions, and emulating their Chinese Communist masters. The good news for freedom and democracy is that Google is presently under investigation for anti-trust violations, for undermining free market competition. President Trump recently said: “The Radical Left is in total command & control of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google. The Administration is working to remedy this illegal situation.”

America is the land of the brave and free and will always be. There are no emperors in America. The government and politicians are elected to serve the people! We the People must rise up and demand freedom, protect our schools, save our city and state, by voting out Cuomo and tyrannical politicians. We will build a great new Republican Party to elect leaders of integrity who will humbly serve the people.  Join us as we come out of lockdown to build a great new future of freedom and American values here in Queens!

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