Political TidBits for October, 2020

Born to be Chad: Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf has shown backbone in defending the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, against anarchists (despite threats made against him and his family). The left can find nothing positive about the actions of President Trump. They have been dismissive of Wolf’s appointment by demeaning him as someone “straight out of central casting” due to his movie star good looks. So beware: being handsome is considered disqualifying for getting a job in the Trump administration. The left continually shows how mentally twisted they are.

The rent used to be too damn high: It is said that over 400,000 people have fled Manhattan due to the NYC Mayor’s refusal to put down riots and looting and his undermining of the police. Plus with theaters, dance clubs and restaurants closed, why live in Manhattan? Uh oh. Rent control and rent stabilization law is based on dealing with a housing emergency. The emergency being that too few available apartments leads to unaffordable high rents. Well, there are apartments galore in Manhattan that are going begging, and landlords are reducing rents. That means the rent control and rent stabilization laws can’t be justified. Let’s see how the leftists that run the NYS legislature deal with this. They love controlling everything but they no longer have a legal reason for imposing price controls on apartments.

Restaurants eat Governor Cuomo’s lunch: Although the lawsuit to reopen New York City restaurants is considered bi-partisan, Republicans have been playing an outsized role in its support. The $2 billion lawsuit not only demands that restaurants be reopened, but asks the court to award restaurants reimbursement for financial losses already incurred. As soon as word of the lawsuit hit the newspapers, the Governor announced that NYC restaurants will open at 25% capacity on September 30. It’s obvious by the timing of Cuomo’s edict that the bad publicity was giving him indigestion. But some restaurants complain that at 25% capacity, they would lose more money than if they remain closed. The restaurant lobby is continuing with the lawsuit. They want a full plate (100% utilization).

Take it with a grain of SALT: Dems have been bellyaching that the rich don’t pay their fair share, but in this election year where everything is upside down, the Democrats want to repeal the SALT law that caps the deductibility of state and local taxes (referred to as SALT) on federal tax returns. It impacts high real estate and income tax states like New York and California. High income taxpayers owning fancy homes have to pay more taxes. Well, isn’t that what Democrats have been demanding? Yes. Until now, because Trump is president.

What’s black and white and red all over? We are referring to today’s youth. They don’t just lean Democrat, they lean socialist and communist. Of all Americans below the age of 16, non-whites are now a majority. In two years they begin to vote. Non-whites vote especially for the Democrat party. The GOP needs to get busy making its case before it’s too late. They should follow the lead of the Queens Village Republican Club which years ago began to reach out to non-white and immigrant communities and with much success. The QVRC may now be the most ethnically diverse GOP club in America.

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