Next QVGOP Club Meeting: AOC Must Be Defeated!

Thurs. June 6, 2019 at 7:30 pm

Young Israel of Holliswood – Holliswood Jewish Center
86-25 Francis Lewis Blvd., Holliswood, NY 11427

Republican vs AOC

Rich Valdes is Associate Producer and Call Screener of “The Mark Levin Show” and Republican candidate running for Congress in the Queens and Bronx district, NY-14 against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the most dangerous Congressmember in America. President Trump pledged that “America will never be a socialist country.” NY-14 is Ground Zero in the battle against socialism. AOC must be defeated. 

Featuring Special Guest Speakers:

Thomas Zmich and Karina Moreno 

Thomas Zmich and Karina Moreno will discuss the MAGA Queens movement. Thomas, a Gulf War Veteran and Queens native, is the president of MAGA Queens, and the Vice President is Karina, who immigrated from Ecuador in 2000 and ran for Republican District Leader of 30AD. MAGA Queens was founded August 2018 to help spread the word of President Trump’s America First Agenda. They support our President’s agenda of pro-God, pro-life, and pro-America First policies. The short-term goal is to support all candidates who agree with this agenda, in the November election. The long-term mission is to unite all Americans, put America First, and build a united voter base of support for Trump in 2020, and the future political climate in Queens, NY.

Evangeline Balaskas

Evangeline Balaskas is a dedicated Republican Patriots Candidate for NY Republican State Committee in the 25th Assembly District. She will speak about her candidacy as well as the candidacy of her co-leader Howard Neiman, both running for Republican District Leader of the 25th Assembly District in the upcoming Primary Election on June 25th. The Republican Patriots is a multi-candidate committee registered with the state, whose goal is to build the Republican Party in Queens County and elect good Republican candidates. Evangeline and Howard are two shining examples of the caliber of the new Republican leadership our party desperately needs in Queens. We hope that all our fellow Republicans living in the 25th Assembly District will vote in the Primary for these two outstanding leaders, as well as all the Republican Patriot candidates running in Election District contests for County Committee throughout Queens.

Justin Delluomo

Justin Delluomo will discuss the Empire State Conservative Network. Justin is a 30 year old Brooklyn-Born, Queen-raised, Blue Collar Italian-American from a middle class family. A Staunch Conservative whose political beliefs are linked with common sense solutions, morals, values, and a clear set of convictions that were started in the home with his family, his conservatism continued to grow through life experience. He is currently a small business owner whose company provides audio/video, technology and construction-based solutions to the NYC area. Politics are a passion for him. After years of political blogging and debate, Justin decided along with fellow members Pete, Daniel, and Evan, to start Empire State Conservatives Network with the goal being to spread the America First message conveyed by our President, and to provide continued informative discussion, persuasive writings and inspired commentary on the state of our nation from a Pro-Trump millennial Conservative’s viewpoint.

Refreshments will be served. Gift Shop will be open.

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