Murray CD-31 and Eric Ulrich CD-32 in opposition to the “Community Safety Act

City Council candidate Scherie Murray (R-Distirct 31) held a very successful press conference on the steps of Queens Boro Hall on Wed with Councilman Eric Ulrich, City Comptoller candidate John Burnett as well as the six other GOP City Council candidates along with major media coverage. Queens Republican City Council candidates, Dennis Saffran CD-19, Sunny Hahn CD-20, Daniel Peterson CD-22, Alex Blishteyn CD-24, Craig Caruana CD-30, Scherie Murray CD-31 and Eric Ulrich CD-32 stand united with members of the law enforcement community in opposition to the “Community Safety Act.” We need to keep the pressure up to stop the City Council’s vote for the “Coummunity Safety Act” from being enacted. We all can help stop the City Council’s madness and help to elect our GOP City Council candidates in order to prevent dangerous bills like these from receiving veto-proof majorities.

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  1. I am very, very liberal, but own many guns. I did vote for Obama dpteise his historically anti-gun stance. How is that possible you ask? The truth is that there are many policy issues that for me, take precedence over my concern for gun rights. I also sent him a number of emails expressing my support for him, and my concern about his stance on gun ownership.Hopefully by the end of Obama’s presidency, we’ll have universal health care (like mostly every other first world country in the world), have our troops the hell out of the middle east, reduce the capacity of banks and speculators to drive inflation and screw our economy, break our addiction to coal and oil, AND still be able to keep our guns.Only time will tell.

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