Message of Hope, a Blessing for Easter, and a Prayer for America

Message of Hope, a Blessing for Easter, and a Prayer for America

We wish all our members, friends and families who celebrate, a blessed Good Friday and blissful Easter.

President Trump held an Easter Blessing on Good Friday at the White House with Bishop Henry Jackson. It was a great prayer and message of hope for America as the president wished everyone a Happy Easter Sunday celebrating the glorious resurrection, and asked Americans to pray for the nation to be healed.

He said “at this holy time our nation is engaged in a battle like never before, the invisible enemy. Our brave doctors, nurses, and first responders are fighting to save lives, our workers are racing to deliver critical medical supplies, our best scientists are working around the clock to develop life saving therapeutics, our people are making tremendous sacrifices to end this pandemic….Our nation will come through like never before.”

Bishop Jackson’s solemn prayer for America

“Lord let the death angel pass over. Let there be a mitigation of this plague, this disease. Let medical science come forth. Lord, let us come out with a thriving economy. But in this great land that was set up to glorify your name, we want to break, we come against the spirit of division. Lord, let ‘E Pluribus Unum’ be a reality in us. Let there be a uniting of America. Heal the divide between race, class and gender. Once again, give this great man, our president, and give our vice president wisdom beyond their natural limitations. Give them insight so they can cover us, lead us, and bless us. We bless them and America in Jesus’ name. Be encouraged, hope is on the way.”


Happy & Healthy Easter Sunday to all!

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