Join us and be part of the movement to save our nation.

By Phil Orenstein

This has been a long, hot, humid summer for all, but our club members were out in the community as active, vocal, proud Republicans advancing the Party narrative and our President’s America First agenda.  For us it was dynamic and action filled, as we were spreading our vision of American greatness, and bringing back the glory days of the Republican Party in Queens. 

The socialist movement is on the rise, anti-Semitism is rearing its ugly head in the Democrat Party, disrespect for our Police abounds, crime and shootings are up, pot smoking and opioids are ubiquitous, and young leftwing AOC acolytes are mobilizing, fundraising and running for office challenging moderate Dems throughout Queens.

So are we! We are firing back on all cylinders, organizing and building a great new Republican Party, campaigning for Republican candidates, making our voices heard, and giving encouragement to our communities about the hopeful future ahead for our great city, state and nation! The silent majority will be silent no more!

QVGOP marching unit in the Little Neck – Douglaston Memorial Day Parade

We kicked off the summer with our club’s marching unit in the annual Little Neck – Douglaston Memorial Day Parade, America’ largest hometown Memorial Day Parade.  We had a great day marching to honor the heroic soldiers who served bravely and gave their lives for our freedom. V.P. Delvis Estrada’s pickup truck was part of our marching unit decorated with flags and club emblems. We were thrilled to bump into our past Lincoln Dinner Veteran of the Year honoree, Lester Friedman, heroic WWII Veteran, after the parade at the closing ceremonies.

With 1st Lt. Sampson Lester Friedman, World War II U.S. Army Air Corps Veteran

We raised our voices joining fellow MAGA Queens patriots at rallies, Trump2020 campaign events, and protests including the Ilhan Omar Must Go rally in Times Square to demand her expulsion for the Foreign Affairs Committee of US Congress. We were there with dozens of New Yorkers at Trump Tower in Manhattan the day President Trump formally announced his 2020 re-election campaign, sending a strong message to America that we club members in President Trump’s hometown of Queens have his back! We greeted AOC in protest at her town hall meetings, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she visited Queens to stop her lies and obstruction of our President’s America First agenda.

Trump 2020 Campaign Kick-Off Rally at Trump Tower

We relaxed and enjoyed at our club’s 9th Annual Summer BBQ and traditional singalong at our Chairman James Trent’s backyard “Charleston Garden.” We even danced a little Polka! Just recently we marched in the 4th Annual India Day Parade in Floral Park to celebrate Indian Independence and the great diversity of America under our flag and our great President Donald Trump! As we sang God Bless America, waved our flags and Trump2020 banners, many were cheering us on!

Club marching in the 4th Annual India Day Parade

We were out there in the community talking to our Republican neighbors and knocking on doors to build the county committee of the Republican Party. Many club members ran for district leadership and county committee positions in our Party’s Primary Election. This is the foundation of the Republican Party. With an active, functioning county committee, our Party will thrive and have power and influence in community affairs and government, and celebrate victories on election night. We are calling for all club members and fellow Republicans to take county committee positions and help “make Queens Republican again!” Attend our meetings and events to find out how!

Now, more than ever we need to put aside our differences, focus on what unites us as Americans, as Republicans and Conservatives, as patriots, and form a great united front to fight back against the rise of the radical left.  Let’s come together and celebrate the cultural diversity of Queens as patriotic Americans of multiple religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds all united under our flag in our great land of freedom and opportunity for all. The QVGOP is the most ethnically diverse Republican club in the state, maybe the United States. Join us and be part of the movement to save our nation.

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