I support the Trump doctrine

By Lawrence Block on February 6, 2021

This letter was written by Club member Lawrence Block, who is director of the Zuckery Bo Band. It is in response to Congressman Adam Kinzinger’s demand that the Republican Party end it’s Trump loyalty, and return the party to the DC establisment abandoning everything that made the party successful over the last four years.

I came across an interesting article today from the journal, Trending Politics.  The title of the piece was, Republican Lawmaker Flips on Trump, Demanding an End of Trump Loyalty in GOP Party.  The article was about GOP Representative Adam Kinzinger from Illinois taking the position that for the sake of unity the party should reject Trump. 

He is among those Republicans who support impeachment, believing that Trump incited the incident at Capitol Hill on January 6th.   The writer of the piece did not take kindly to Kinzinger’s position and most of the commentaries were also on the attack against anyone who places blame on President Trump. 

Yes I do share a sense of anger towards those Republicans who seem to be pandering to the Democrats, like Mitch McConnell and Marco Rubio.  And I was taken aback when I watched a recent interview with Ted Cruz in which he wrongfully asserted, in my opinion, that Trump should take some responsibility for inciting the crowd.  It was disheartening to watch one of my favorite senators making what I viewed as a concession to AOC, hoping that his comments may earn him a return to merely her negative graces rather than his current status – on a wanted poster for attempted murder.  Like many I’m beginning to look South East for party leadership.  There are some strong and steady Republicans in the state of Florida including former President Trump.  Anyway, I realized that the Democrats and perhaps China, North Korea, Iran and Venezuela must be delighted with Republican in-fighting; a good reason to stop the bickering and pandering and to unify rather than to self-destruct.  My measured response is below .  

I support the Trump doctrine. In other words I believe in most of the policies in action that he and his administration advanced during his presidency. At this time the Republicans have before them the greatest challenges to our freedom and liberties in my lifetime. Rather than attempting to define themselves as pro, anti, or indifferent Trumpers, it’s time to evaluate, prioritize and to reaffirm the principles for which the party will come together and support without hesitation or reservation. The reason I suggest evaluating and prioritizing is because the Republicans, whether or not they have the wherewithal to publicly acknowledge it, are facing opponents who are waging war against the fundamental values upon which our country was built and has flourished. It is for this very reason that our game plan has to, at minimum, confront and defeat their war plan. In the spirit and the specificity of the meaning of our constitution, I believe that Republican representatives will ultimately agree that in the context of our founding document, many of the practices and policies of the last four years, the Trump years, accurately and aptly capture the party’s essential purposes. And with a sense of hope and renewal, we need to come together to do justice to our constitutional principles and to the recognition that government exists to serve the people and not the other way around. It’s time to dispose of this ridiculous impeachment and to get to work to save our republic.

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