Civics Education and the Saving of America

By Dr. Sandra Alfonsi

It is my opinion that Civics textbooks today are carefully skewed toward the “New Globalist World Order”. They undermine our Constitution and eat away at the fabric of our Constitutional Republic. This must be addressed as quickly as possible. The only way to do this is to examine K-12 Civics Standards, State by State.  

I believe that we will definitely find that the K-12 Standards of many States do not have as their purpose to create good American citizens or strengthen American citizenship. Their language will be globalist. We have wrongly assumed that the Publishers have “their own agenda,” have created the subversive textbooks and then sold them to naïve States, unaware of the content. The truth is that persons in the Departments of Education and State Boards of Education have created the new anti-American roadmap in their State Civic Standards, which are then given to the Publishers.

K-5 Standards often fail to identify that we are a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy. They do not teach the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flag, the National Anthem, the names of the first Presidents and their contributions to the founding and early development of this country.  They omit the Hebrew Bible as one of the sources for the principles of the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian Tradition upon which our Nation was founded.

6-8 Standards often fail to provide the steps needed to develop young people who support the Constitution of the United States and who are strong advocates for our Nation and for the Judeo-Christian Tradition upon which it was founded. There is a failure to use or include the terminology Constitutional Republic and to teach why our Founding Fathers created America as such. The fact that Standards acknowledge and teach the role of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations in the shaping of the Constitution but fail to identify that of the Hebrew Bible leads to the question if they promote anti-Semitism in and by our educational system. There is no indication that students use Original Documents/Sources. Finally, there is a peculiar disdain for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Founding Fathers, found in their spelling with lower case letters.

9-12 Standards fail our students who are finishing public school.  9th -12th grades are the final opportunity to prepare them to live, vote, make and abide by certain political and behavioral choices, according to the Law of the Land, which they appear not to have studied and therefore cannot respect.  Again, these Standards fail to teach what it means to be a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy. They once again omit the Hebrew Bible as a source for the principles of the Constitution and also the Declaration of Independence. There is no insistence upon use of Original Sources/Documents. There is the same peculiarity of using lower case letters when referring to the Constitution, the Amendments to the Constitution, Rule of Law, etc. Some Standards do not use the Amendments to the Constitution to teach the students their roles in society and how to effect change legally and without violence.

Many Standards do not teach the difference between such forms of government as Monarchy, Democracy, Theocracy, Republic, Oligarchy, Marxism, Capitalism, Totalitarianism.  Therefore, they do not protect our students from indoctrination and prepare them to defend our Constitutional Republic against all enemies, at home and abroad.

Without a correct, accurate and pro-American Civics education, there will be no way to “take back” America. We have taken our first successful step in this battle for establishing viable Civics Education. The K-12 Civics Standards, which we have submitted to the State of Florida, contain all of the missing items described above and return our Constitutional Republic, our Constitution and our Rule of Law to their proper place.

Dr. Sandra Alfonsi is Senior Academic Fellow for Proclaiming Justice to the Nations and Truth in Textbooks. She was featured speaker at our May 6, 2021 club meeting on Saving America’s Schools, and you can view the video on our website here: https://qvgop.org/video-may-qvgop-club-meeting-on-saving-americas-schools/

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