Anti-Asian Hate Politics

NYC Councilwoman Linda Lee holds up an image of one of the victims of the Atlanta spa shootings. Queens Ledger

On March 16, 2022, New York City Councilwomen Sandra Ung, Linda Lee, and Julie Won, along with Queens Borough President Donovan Richards, held a candlelight vigil in memory of six Asian women who were killed in a shooting spree that targeted spas in the Atlanta area.  While the Atlanta shooting was portrayed in the MSM as an anti-Asian hate crime, the shooter, Robert Aaron Long, claimed that he was not targeting Asian women specifically, but rather sex workers.  For him, their ethnicity was not a factor.

Atlanta is almost a thousand miles from Queens, so you have to question why, when so many Asian women have been assaulted and murdered in NYC over the past few years, these politicians chose to focus on Atlanta.  The answer is tribal politics.  As vice-chair of the Black, Latino and Asian Caucus, it is convenient for Linda Lee to avoid any discussion of the root causes of anti-Asian violence that might implicate other members of her caucus.  For Lee, it’s much easier to blame the problem on a white guy who is a thousand miles away.

Men holding flowers during a vigil at a makeshift memorial outside the Gold Spa following the deadly shootings in Atlanta Georgia, U.S. March 21, 2021.  REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

In a society that still believed in Equality before the Law, anti-Asian violence could be quickly and easily remedied by arresting the thousand violent psychotic men, most of whom have long criminal records, wandering NYC’s streets.  The NYPD already knows who they are and where to find them.  After all, the NYPD arrested most of these criminals several times over the past year, only to see the courts release them back onto the streets.  The violence could be stopped within weeks.

The problem for “Equity” (as opposed to Equality) politicians like Lee is that most of the criminals they arrest might be black.  Lee can’t acknowledge that statistical reality, so she is politically motivated to deny the root causes of violent crime, leaving poor Black, Hispanic and Asian people to suffer at the hands of psychotic career criminal who should be taken off the street for their own good, before they murder someone.

This cultural disaster will only get worse.  The solution is to return to the basic American principal of Equality before the Law.  We already have a multitude of Affirmative Action program to compensate for inequality of outcomes, so it’s not as if we don’t care.  Forcing “Equity” to conform with liberal fantasies will only result in blow-back on a massive scale.  I’m afraid that many more Asian women will be murdered before NYC’s Asian community wakes up.  They have to elect politicians who will work for the people of NYC, rather than for their corrupt globalist elite Democratic Party bosses.

Queens, NY

Publius58 was born and raised in Queens Village, lived in the NY Metro area for most of his live and is now residing in Northern Queens.

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