Vickie Paladino for NYS Senate

Vickie Paladino for NYS Senate

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  1. Dear Ms Paladino: I am a constituent and neighbor of yours in Bayside and am a business and educational consultant. I do in persons radio and tv interviews a large number; do in person speaking engagements, have published 5 books and am planning more, and do tutoring and teaching, I have a law degree (JD), an M. Div. in biblical languages from Princeton theological seminary, and two international law certificates from the Hague in the Netherlands, and from
    Strasbourg France I am tinterested in helping you in your campaign and you are welcome as a guest on my podcast which is national and international in outreach, Africa, Asia, and europe. I have many significant academic guetss and writers and others. The show airs on Mondays at 530PM and Fridays at 730 PM. The show is conversational in
    character and in the form of a mutual interchangeYou are free to speak of your past activities and present work, and offer any political or social views you may wish.i am an avid follower of the President and supporter of his policies, and have been in fairly regular communication with thePresident. I would be happy to forward these letters to you as well asmy books.Please feel free to consult my website if you wish to know more about me andrew schatkin
    My e mail is and my cell is 9174855684. I lI look forward to hearing from you

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