Democracy IS Under Fire in America

By Sgt. Eric Spinner

This is a submission for the “Readers Write” column in The Island Now/Blank Slate Media which is a voice for the liberal Left. It is in response to their editorial “Our Views” column on the Senate acquittal of President Trump. This is one way we can get our point across and not remain silent!


Sgt. Eric Spinner, proud Army Veteran

As expected, the opinions expressed in “Our Views” mirrored, quite accurately, the commentary promulgated by most of the news media we hear or see on a daily basis.  Unfortunately, it places blame where none exists, and gives credence to the improper. How so?  Allow me to offer my views, as I know you will, even though our views are generally diametrically opposed.

            The main theme of your column is that he Senate abrogated its responsibility and refused to honor the Articles of Impeachment presented by the House by refusing to allow witnesses, and by acquitting President Trump forthwith.  From my perspective, based on living three quarters of a century in our wonderful democratic republic (don’t confuse that with Democrat!), it is my considered opinion that the Senate did exactly what was required under the law.  To quote a line from another famous trial, “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit!” 

            Let’s use a hypothetical situation to explain this.  You are driving on the highway and another vehicle, driven by ‘A’ hits you from the rear.  When the police arrive, a report is taken that clearly shows that you were not at fault.  After two-plus years, you find you have been charged with reckless driving and causing the accident, and ‘A’ is suing for damages and to have your driving privileges revoked.  You find out that somewhere there are some ‘witnesses’ who claim to have knowledge that you cut in front of ‘A’ and jammed on the brakes, thereby causing the accident.

            Who are these ‘witnesses’ and what do they know?  Witness 1 says, “My neighbor told me that his friend heard from his cousin that the accused cut off ‘A’ and there was no way he could stop.”  Witness 2 shows up and testifies that he overheard a conversation by witness 1 when driver ‘A’ called his attorney, and he assumed that you had caused the accident.  Can you see this progression?

            You finally have your day in court, and the prosecution presents the ‘evidence’ to the court.  The judge listens intently, as do the jurors.  All are sworn to uphold the law and render an impartial verdict.  Now it’s your lawyer’s turn to offer ‘evidence’ to prove your innocence of the charges.  Finally, the judge instructs the jury of what is required of them under the law, and they retire to consider what they have seen and heard.  When they return, they vote in your favor saying that the witnesses had no credibility, and that the charges are all false and have been fraudulently brought.  End of story- or not.

The difference here is that the jury is the entire US Senate which is almost equally divided between two groups- Republicans and Democrats.  Unfortunately, the Democrats who control the House have prepared Articles of Impeachment using ‘witnesses’ who have offered their opinions and conjecture, behind closed doors, and manufactured their own version of a transcript of a telephone call- Adam Schiff was the prime author.  They offered Lt. Col. Vindman who ‘overheard’ parts of a phone call, and ‘presumed’ that there was a quid-pro-quo when none existed, per the testimony presented by the President’s legal team.  In fact, there was no credible testimony based on fact, only hearsay and conjecture.

I’m also quite pleased that Donald Trump wanted to know how our millions in tax dollars were being used.  He had every right to ask the questions and demand answers.  That’s why we elected him, and this was another foray into ‘the swamp’ to try to drain it.  If Biden was involved, so be it, and let the chips fall where they may!

After all was said and done, when the jury considered the evidence, the glove did not fit, hence the vote to acquit.  Perhaps some of our House ‘lawyers’ might be advised to know proper jurisprudence before putting the cart before the horse.  The acquittal was the correct verdict.  It’s high time that they looked in the mirror and decided to work for the country and the people, and end this Quixotic witch hunt designed to unseat our duly-elected President while depriving their own constituents of the benefits that should have been derived from their own elected positions.  We the people have had enough!


Eric Spinner

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