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Lincoln Dinner 2014 Videos: Reps. Peter King and Bob Turner

In his keynote address, Rep. King talked about America, about New York City and Queens as well as his bid for the presidency. He called on the Republican Party to move forward in Queens and get rid of the intramural fights and stand together. 

Here are the videos and photos of former Congressman Bob Turner introducer and keynote speaker Congressman Peter King at the 139th Anniversary Lincoln Day Dinner. Republican Congressman Bob Turner formerly represented New York’s Congressional District 9, after he won the epic special election battle against longtime Democrat David Weprin in an overwhelmingly Democratic district, becoming the first Republican to represent the area in over eighty years. Turner was mentored by Homeland Security Chair, Congressman Peter King and today they remain very close friends.

Club Christmas/Chanukah Party Featuring Great Food, Friends and Speakers

The Club’s annual Christmas/Chanukah Party was held on December 5, 2014, about a month after Election Day when Republicans were still recovering from hard fought campaigns in a deep blue city that just experienced the lowest voter turnout in 50 years. But the room was packed to the rafters with spirited Club members, friends and volunteers from the recent campaigns. Due to a clerical error on the part of the reservations department, nearly 20 more people showed up exceeding the count we had given to the restaurant, which threw the caterers into a bit of a tailspin.

Obama was very successful at the Social Media political marketing game crushing Romney’s efforts in the past presidential elections. We can learn from team Obama’s use of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to engage target audiences, share and connect with the voters so that the intended message snowballs to the American people.

Nickolas Chkheidze

Nickolas Chkheidze

Nickolas Chkheidze, President/Founder of the American Georgian Community Organization. He read from a written statement, but his words were sincere and moving to everyone in the room who heard his heartfelt passion. He had emigrated from Georgia, a country torn asunder in the throes of independence from the Soviet sphere. He was an active leader in the recent Georgian presidential election and the country’s transformation into a flourishing Democratic state, while neighboring Ukraine is presently engaged in their own revolutionary struggle to extricate themselves from Russian domination as Putin aspires for the restoration of the “Evil Empire.”  Nickolas spoke reverently about the great communicator and liberator of his people, President Reagan who fought heroically against the global and domestic threat of communism. Unfortunately we no longer have great leaders like Reagan, Thatcher or Churchill to lead America back to freedom, he lamented. But we have great potential leaders right here in this room, and we need to rebuild and rebrand the Republican Party until these capable leaders take their seats in public office. This is the new face of the Republican Party.

Murray CD-31 and Eric Ulrich CD-32 in opposition to the “Community Safety Act

City Council candidate Scherie Murray (R-Distirct 31) held a very successful press conference on the steps of Queens Boro Hall on Wed with Councilman Eric Ulrich, City Comptoller candidate John Burnett as well as the six other GOP City Council candidates along with major media coverage. Queens Republican City Council candidates, Dennis Saffran CD-19, Sunny Hahn CD-20, Daniel Peterson CD-22, Alex Blishteyn CD-24, Craig Caruana CD-30, Scherie Murray CD-31 and Eric Ulrich CD-32 stand united with members of the law enforcement community in opposition to the “Community Safety Act.” We need to keep the pressure up to stop the City Council’s vote for the “Coummunity Safety Act” from being enacted. We all can help stop the City Council’s madness and help to elect our GOP City Council candidates in order to prevent dangerous bills like these from receiving veto-proof majorities.


Rabbi Aryeh Spero, also known as “America’s Rabbi” was our featured speaker at our June 6th Club meeting and gave a spellbinding address on “the Battle for the Soul of America” at the famed Antun’s rather than our usual venue, Trattoria Lucia Restaurant. The room couldn’t be a more appropriate setting appointed Antun’s-style with a fancy buffet of home baked cookies and brownies, and silver urns of coffee and tea.

Rabbi Spero was scheduled to be the keynote speaker at our Lincoln Day Dinner on February 10th, but was unable to make it due to the heavy snowstorm. We were fortunate to devote most of the evening to hearing his stirring call to action to reclaim our country’s greatest inheritance that has been hijacked by the Left. The Club meeting also featured briefs and endorsements of our Republican City Council candidates, Alex Blishteyn, Dennis Saffran, Scherie Murray, and Sunny Hahn. At the end of the evening, people lined up for book signing with Rabbi Spero for his highly acclaimed book “Push Back, Reclaiming the American Judeo-Christian Spirit.”

RABBI SPERO ADDRESSES QVRC AT ANTUN’S from Queens Village Republican Club on Vimeo.

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