Be a Gladiator, not a Spectator!

Republican District Leader candidates take a bow at the Lincoln Dinner

President Trump’s job approval numbers recently soared to 93% in the Republican Party and 53% overall. The poll numbers reflect our president’s growing popularity and power, as well as the astounding resurgence of American patriotism and the glory of the Republican Party. He fights day and night for the greatness of America, fulfilling his promises for a booming economy, winning trade deals, safety of the American people, border security, putting America First, and peace through strength with our global allies.

We proudly stand with our president with our rallying cry #OnwardTo2020 as we reveled in President Trump’s momentous victory on “No Collusion Day” at our Lincoln Dinner last month. We celebrated the promise that it’s a great time to be a Republican in New York!

This is the most critical time in American politics to be engaged and involved toward 2020 as we continue to affirm that elections have consequences, voting matters, and that “all politics is local.” Our Lincoln Dinner Sanctity of Life honoree, Cathy Donohoe articulated this message brilliantly on the front page of this newsletter about the abominable RHA bill which was voted into law as soon as the Democrats took control of the New York State Legislature in January after last year’s Election Day shellacking.

We are now in the process of rebuilding the Republican Party organization from the grassroots county committee level. We need a strong unified organization in order for our voices to have an influence in our communities, to win elections, and for our ideals to become the law in New York.

We are asking you to get involved. Everyone is busy but if we Republicans all do our part and get involved to the extent that we can, we can change the direction of our city and state.  Building a strong effective Party organization is the only way. Otherwise NYC, now a one-party town, hijacked by the radical left, will fall into ruin and chaos.

We all know what’s wrong, as we spend endless days and hours grumbling about the leftwing socialist direction of our city and state, and even contemplating moving out of New York. We know the Democrat Party has been taken over by the radical left. The State government is now in Democrat hands and already passing extreme progressive legislation every day that is destroying us and trashing our values. The middle class is set to be taxed out of existence. Congestion pricing is now in effect. The SHSAT is about to be abolished. Soaring minimum wages are killing small businesses. Plastic bags will soon be banned and paper bags taxed. Democrat lawmakers in Albany granted free college education for illegal aliens and rejected free SUNY tuition for Gold Star families, and on and on.

The Republican Party is the only organized movement that can fight back against the rising tide of the progressive left, challenge their radical policies and give people a voice.  That’s why we’re rebuilding the Republican Party in 2019, the year of reorganization of our party.

The current Queens County Republican Party is weak and dysfunctional. We need to clean it up and build a new effective party organization from the grassroots level up. They have not won elections in a long time and it’s time for a change in leadership. We are building a strong foundation based upon honesty, hard work, loyalty, and dedication to our righteous principles and values.

The Democrat Party and Labor Unions all have been effective in recruiting and mobilizing their fellow activists to unite and achieve their objectives. Similarly, the Republican Party needs to mobilize, recruit and organize in order to achieve our common goals. We can do it!

At our Lincoln Dinner we celebrated the new Republican warriors, our Republican District Leader candidates from all across Queens County who will be running in the Primary Elections on June 25th. They have been spending their days and nights for the past several weeks petitioning, knocking on doors, living on coffee and donuts and little sleep, mobilizing fellow Republican patriots and building a great new grassroots organization. Join them! Support them! Only we Republicans can fight and win for the people. Be a “gladiator, not a spectator!”

Liberty First University Founder, KrisAnne Hall

We hope to see you all on May 2nd at our monthly club meeting with our distinguished guest speaker, KrisAnne Hall. We have finally booked her after a two-year waiting period. She has a loyal following throughout America and her inspiring presentation on the foundations of the US Constitution will leave you ready to take up the torch of liberty again!

We want to wish you and your families abundant blessings of happiness, peace and prosperity for this Easter and Passover holiday season!

Message from Phil Orenstein, President Queens Village Republican Club

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