Corruption and Mayor Bill de Blasio

Corruption and Mayor Bill de Blasio

Corruption and Mayor Bill de Blasio

By Joseph Concannon

The Lost Hope from Park Slope, Mayor Bill de Blasio has managed to annoy, aggravate and consume the time of endless investigators and the citizens of this great city far too long.  It is time for a clean break.  No matter where you look, de Blasio and his cronies have set off another blazing firestorm of reckless behavior and very unwise public policy.  Whether it’s the homeless crisis, the $10k debt per taxpayer, the building of prisons in every county, overdevelopment in our community, adoption of basement apartments as an affordable housing solution, his utter disrespect for those in law enforcement, mismanagement of city agencies, and his insanely absentee behavior in City Hall, de Blasio has proven to be a clear ZERO!  The arrogance of this man and the entire “I’m above it all mentality” is sickening.

Now while the mayor “thinks” he is selling his agenda out of state, his correction commissioner was MIA in coastal Maine with a city vehicle and all the trappings of a well-to-do bureaucrat.  Apparently, corruption and the de Blasio administration are one and the same.  No one is watching and no one cares. The Mayor must be blindfolded not to see the obvious corruption in his midst, but our ZERO hero just doesn’t give a hoot as corruption swirls around him and engulfs his administration.  If this had happened under Bloomberg or Giuliani, the newspapers would be calling for their heads.  But the New York media, slow to act, and intent on advancing the agenda of the progressive left in this city, is shameful if not just downright dishonest. 

Corruption is something the Republican Party can take head on.  Whether it’s the outspoken Assembly Representative from Brooklyn and Staten Island, or our Real Estate Developer from Manhattan, one of these individuals will carry the Republican torch city-wide into the General Election.  One of these individuals will take the weight for ensuring that integrity matters, and will speak out loudly and clearly when the lines are crossed.  Clearly the standard-bearer for the party sets the tone.  Of course, each of us helps that effort when we personally set a clear tone that ethics and integrity matter.  No sense in throwing rocks if we can’t hold ourselves up as party leaders who support strong ethics and integrity and condemn it when the line gets crossed.   We are one party, and we are strong when we unite and play by the rules.

By the time you receive our newsletter you will have learned that Michel Faulkner has taken on the Republican role to challenge the City Comptroller.  Michael O’Reilly of Broad Channel has stepped up to take on the Public Advocate.  The Queens County GOP Chairman Bob Turner is developing a field of candidates for the City Council.  Each of you should find out who your candidates are and seek them out at our club meetings to learn of their positions.  The elephants are starting to move in the right direction and the Democrats better be careful it doesn’t develop into a stampede.  Queens County is center right on politics because most of us are owners of homes, condos and co-ops.  We are invested in our community and care about the welfare of our families, neighbors and friends.

Republican nominating petitions are coming to you starting June 6th.  Please welcome our volunteers who carry these petitions to ensure our candidates get on the ballot for the November 7th General Election.  Our Queens County Republican Party leaders will be on the petitions as well.  Elections have consequences and voting matters.

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