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Taking the ‘big foot’ of government out of places it doesn’t belong

www.mushkaphotography.comAbe Fuchs, former candidate for State Assembly and Queens Village Republican Club member asks the question, “why is it necessary for the government to take over the entire industries of health insurance care and education?” He responds that “Government has a role in limiting the dark forces of private industry and to offer a safety net for its citizens in need, but government should not take over private industry!” The following article is a comprehensive argument in response.


 Trendhunter Fashion presents renowned photographer Miles AldridgeReligious wars, racial divides, business legal battles or romantic jealousies are all understandable on some level because they involve deep emotional attachments or basic competing interests but why do people get worked up over methods of education or the dispensement of health insurance?

Education is a service as is the administration of health insurance. There are many other services that are part of our economy such as accounting, legal, restaurants or even other types of insurance. Why don’t other types of insurance such as auto, home or life insurance get such scrutiny or take on such controversial status? Is it because education and health care insurance have become corrupted?

Before the mid 1600’s educating children was done by the family, church or through apprenticeships. The first public or town school was the Boston Latin School founded in 1635. By 1642 all of the New England colonies made town schools compulsory. In 1837, Secretary of Education of Massachusetts, Horace Mann, instituted a common curriculum for all schools statewide, based on a model known as “common schools.” This uniform and free public school system caught on in the North and eventually in most states. However by 1862 a Southern critic of this educational method questioned its proficiency by mocking the educational level of the captured Northern soldiers based on the misspelled words in their letters.

The growth of private schools however was stymied because of laws called the Blaine Amendments introduced in 1875 which prohibited tax dollars for private education. The nation being mostly Protestant, resented the heavy inflow of Irish Catholics in 1840 and didn’t want to fund the Catholic schools that were starting. These Blaine Amendments exist even today in 38 of the 50 states, ours being among them. Thus it is understandable how by the end of the 1800’s private schools were outnumbered by public schools. Fast forward in history – now three quarters of high school graduates need remediable education to attend college and the Jewish Orthodox community as well as others who send their children to private schools, scramble to pay for their tuition bills even as they’re paying taxes to keep the corrupt public schools in business.

The history of  hospital and physician insurance date back to 1929. Privately based Blue Cross and Blue Shield were pioneers of such insurance. Some unions also got involved in providing coverage for their members. However what really shaped the state of modern health coverage was when the government got interested in promoting employee based plans as a means of compensation for not allowing employers to raise salaries for their workers during World War II when labor was needed to fill military slots. In 1954 federal legislation allowed for health plan funding to be tax exempt. Naturally employer based health plans became dominant in the market place while individual health plans took on a second class status with insurance companies because individuals not employed or associated with an organization were suspect and therefore charged more.

Subsequently, the government threw a blanket of coverage for the elderly and the indigent. In 1965 Congress enacted Medicare which paid for hospitalization and subsidized physician costs for those over 65 and Medicaid was enacted to cover the same for low income individuals. Fast forward in history -according to a CBS 2010 report, Medicare is defrauded by $60 billion a year and organized crime, at times, consider Medicare fraud an easier hustle than drug dealing.

However our government was not satisfied with the state of individual coverage and President Clinton attempted to enact universal coverage for all Americans but it failed to pass in Congress. In 1996 however, further health care legislation was passed known as HIPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) which would help those who lost coverage when becoming self employed or through job loss to maintain their health coverage.

The truth is that many individual plans had problems of consumer abuse. Policy holders were dropped or rates were raised for those who incurred a high pay out of medical claims. Weisel clauses in fine print were inserted in policies or just straight out substandard policies were issued to customers without the policy holders’ knowledge similar to those who obtained a subprime mortgage without the lender’s or homeowner’s knowledge of their content.

In both industries of education and insurance, artificial markets were either facilitated (employer tax exempt health plans) or coerced, by taxing parents of private school children for other children’s education. The status quo of these institutions is what the public by and large have come to accept as the norm. However both of these need to be liberated from the dominating force of government and allowed to flourish in the marketplace. Interstate competition would be good for the insurance companies akin to school choice for education. Also, as those on the Right have argued, limiting jury awards for malpractice suits, which the public ultimately pays for, could make a serious dent in the estimated $50 billion annually that is spent by the health care industry by practicing defensive medicine (unnecessary procedures just to cover oneself in case of a lawsuit).

Regulation has a place in government and it places a safeguard to the greed of some in the free market place. Practically every industry under the sun is now regulated, arguably many times what is necessary, and very few businesses are under regulated. The Financial Accounting Standards Board sees to it that accountants adhere to acceptable standards of accounting. The Food and Drug Administration sees to it that we don’t get sick when we eat in a restaurant. The Dept. of Transportation assures the product safety of the automobiles that we drive. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners regulate the insurance industry. We get it and society agrees for the most part that services and products need governmental oversight.

What the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare gets wrong is that it makes consumers buy policies that aren’t necessarily suited for them. An older woman does not need maternity care in her policy and one should be able to judge for themselves whether they should have drug abuse treatment or mental health counseling in their policy. However what presents a major impediment to the viability of Obamacare is that it allows for people to pay a penalty for not obtaining health insurance ($95 in the first year for individuals and $2,000 for an employer) and then be eligible to obtain insurance once having a preexisting condition! That’s like not buying fire insurance for one’s home and then calling the insurance company for a fire policy once the house is on fire! 

The roll out of Obamacare was a disaster due to a malfunctioning website. Later, an uproar ensued from the fact that 5 million insurance policies had been cancelled due to noncompliance to the new guidelines and millions more were slated for cancellation, this, despite Obama’s reassurances to the contrary. Pressure subsequently descended upon the President, even from his own party, and he agreed to attach a waiver to the Affordable Care Act allowing these policies to remain valid for an extended year. However, after a year many of these may not be replaced because of higher premiums and the young and healthy may opt for the no-insurance penalty which would derail the success of Obama’s health insurance reform. Obamacare needs a net plus of 7 million policy holders to succeed. Any bets?

So why is it necessary for the government to take over the entire industries of health insurance care and education? Education has not proven efficient under direct government control and neither have Medicare and Medicaid. Standards and regulation can apply to education and health insurance as well as vouchers for each. Paul Ryan’s plan advocated for vouchers for Medicare and vouchers for education are being successfully implemented in different states. Government has a role in limiting the dark forces of private industry and to offer a safety net for its citizens in need, but government should not take over private industry! ‘Big Foot’ is good for movie viewing of prehistoric creatures but you don’t want ‘Big Foot’ walking into your place of business.

Annual QVRC Christmas/Hanukkah Party

QVRC Header-crop


Trattoria Lucia Restaurant

Annual Christmas/Hanukkah Party

Save the Date!

christmas_bellsNext month’s Club meeting on December 5th will be devoted to our annual Christmas & Hanukkah Dinner Party. Special speakers will be announced. Save this date. It will be a splendid and spirited annual event. 
The cost is $35.00 per person and includes salad, penne a la vodka pasta course, entree, dessert, coffee/tea and soda. The cost includes tax and tip. Trattoria Lucia’s delectable entree choices are eggplant parmigiana, tilapia oregenata, chicken francese and pork chop with vinegar peppers. Please RSVP to Jim Trent at or leave a phone message at 718-343-8830. You may pay at the door. We look forward to seeing you all and celebrating the holidays together!



Trattoria Lucia Italian Restaurant
247-63 Jericho Turnpike
Bellerose, Queens, NY 11426
phone: 718-343-2185
Time: 7:30 pm – Free coffee, soda and cake.
8:00 – 10:00 pm – QVRC General Club Meeting
*December 5th Meeting and Dinner Party will commence at 7:30 pm
Directions: 5 blocks east of the Braddock Ave./Cross Island Pkwy intersection on Jericho Tpke.  For public transportation, take the Q36 or N24 buses. 5 blocks from Bellerose LIRR Station. Parking is available in the Queens County Savings Bank parking lot next door.


Gov Scott Walker-2Governor Scott Walker (R-WI): “Unintimidated: A Governor’s Story and a Nation’s Challenge”
Hofstra Law School, Room 308

Saturday, November 16, 2013
4:00pm – 6:00pm

The Federalist Society – Long Island Lawyers Chapter and the Hofstra Law School Student Chapter are proud to host Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as he discusses his new book and his experiences as governor during his first term.

This is a FREE EVENT, but space is very limited. An RSVP is REQUIRED for admittance. Please email your RSVP to

Limited copies of the Governor’s book will be available for sale and signature for the discounted price of $24 (cash or check only).


FRANK SCATURROP TWELVE CATERING, 12 Watkins Street, Lynbrook, NY 11563
Wednesday, November 20, 2013
6:00pm – 10:00pm

You are cordially invited to attend the kickoff fundraiser for Frank Scaturro, Republican and Conservative Candidate for New York’s 4th Congressional District.

Featuring Special Guest, Congressman John LeBoutillier

Host Committee $250
Guest $75

Full course buffet dinner with open bar
Silent auction

Please RSVP by November 18 by contacting Daniel Pollack at (516) 515-1102 or by email at
Donations can be made online, at the door (payable to Frank Scaturro for Congress), or mailed to 515 Herricks Rd. Suite 4, New Hyde Park, NY 11040.


Wallenberg2Prof. Gerald Matacotta will be speaking on Raoul Wallenberg at the Institute for Jewish Studies Program on Monday evening.

Temple Chaverim
1050 Washington Ave., Palinview NY 11803 (516) 367-6100
Monday, Nov. 11, 2013 7:30 pm – 8:45 pm

“Raoul Wallenberg—Fighter against Evil”

Gerald Matacotta received his BA and MA in history from New York University. He has also studied at the University of Virginia, at Oxford and at Yale. For 32 years Jerry worked for the NYC public school system teaching the entire repertoire of social studies courses while also pursing his love of volleyball both as player and coach. Twelve years ago Jerry helped to establish the History Seminar Series within Queensborough Community College’s School of Continuing Education. Since that time Jerry has taught more than 70 history topics, never repeating any, to a loyal following of adult learners. His eclectic classes range from classic Greek and Roman History to the History of Railroads and the Federal Highway System and in 2007 he was named the Queens Educator of the Year. Recently Jerry has been actively involved in fundraising efforts to commission and locate an appropriate display venue for a bust of Raoul Wallenberg. Through this project, Jerry has developed a deep admiration for this fearless and honorable Christian who saved so many Jews from Nazi persecution.

Queens Village Republican Club Meeting Thursday Nov. 7


Queens Village Republican Club Events


Trattoria Lucia Restaurant

This month’s meeting will be devoted to a post mortem on the election results.
The featured Speaker is Eric Mingott who is planning to form an Hispanic-American Republican Coalition and will speak about his attempts to convert Hispanics in Queens to the Republican Party. He is a proud Republican and a former Marine who presently works as a tax accountant, but his heart is – and forever shall be – in service to the public. Mingott was a hopeful for the 35th Assembly District until his dreams were crushed after he was knocked off the ballot as a consequence of the internal war going on within the Queens GOP.
During his campaign in 2012, Mingott had taken the time to register friends and family with the Republican Party so that they could serve as witnesses to his petitions. “Family, friends, they registered Republican because of me — and we’re glad and proud — but the BOE didn’t process them in time,” he said. Doors open at 7:30 with free refreshments. General business meeting begins at 8 PM. The meeting all/restaurant is located at 247-63 Jericho Turnpike, Bellerose. Parking is available at the Queens County Savings Bank lot next to the barber shop.



We wish to congratulate all our Republican candidates and supporters for your valiant efforts. Republicans won key races across NY State and in Nassau County, Republican County Executive Ed Mangano and our own QVRC member and former sergeant at arms Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos won reelection. Here in Queens, City Councilman Eric Ulrich won reelection.

Although we were outnumbered as much as 6 to 1 or more in some council districts, our local candidates stepped up to the plate fought courageous battles to represent us. Alex Blishteyn, Dennis Saffran, Joe Concannon, Scherie Murray, and Sunny Hahn and their teams deserve our love, admiration and praise for fighting for the good of our city and making a huge difference. No doubt we feel disappointed and disheartened by the results of the election and the future of NYC looks very dark. But let’s continue the friendships we’ve made through this campaign and stay positive and carry on the fight to build the party here in Eastern Queens. We met so many great people and our candidates are the true leaders of the people here in Queens. But we cannot wait until a few months before the next election to form a campaign team. We need to build the team throughout the year and organize to be victorious in the next election cycle. If this election taught us anything, it is that we cannot go back to sleep, but that we need to build our organization starting tomorrow.

The Queens Village Republican Club plans to do so. We will capitalize on the momentum of these campaigns and build the base for future political contests. We hope you will all come to the Club General Meeting tomorrow evening at Trattoria Lucia Restaurant and join our Club. Dues are only $25 per person or $45 per couple. Next month we have our annual Christmas Dinner. We invite you to become active in the oldest continuously active Republican Club in America!

With the anti-police, anti-business big government agenda of the newly elected “progressive” (read communist) de Blasio, Letitia James, Scott Stinger, new Brooklyn DA Kenneth Thompson et al  regime, we may unfortunately see our beloved New York City go down in flames.  It is a regrettable reality that we will see higher crime rates, lower property values and a mass exodus of the wealthy further eroding the tax base of a growing welfare state. The Queens Village Republican Club vows to grow and build on the momentum of the previous campaigns and be ready to step in and “pick up the pieces.”  We hope you will all play a part in it.


Trattoria Lucia Italian Restaurant
247-63 Jericho Turnpike
Bellerose, Queens, NY 11426
phone: 718-343-2185
Time: 7:30 pm – Free coffee, soda and cake.
8:00 – 10:00 pm – QVRC General Club Meeting
Directions: 5 blocks east of the Braddock Ave./Cross Island Pkwy intersection on Jericho Tpke.  For public transportation, take the Q36 or N24 buses. 5 blocks from Bellerose LIRR Station. Parking is available in the Queens County Savings Bank parking lot next door.


Hi Everyone,

Joe_019_highresThank you for your wonderful and faithful support in this year’s campaign for New York City Council. The election this year was filled with challenges: short notice to prepare the campaign, prepare the voters, limited time to raise funds and running on an independent line which many voters just did not at all understand.

We crafted our campaign literature to educate the voters about the issues involved in this election cycle and where to find us on the ballot, but this proved to be a rather large obstacle in the end. It was particularly detrimental to the campaign as well that the 2013 General Election Voter’s Guide provided no listing of my profile and photo due to the incompetence and malfeasance of the NYC Campaign Finance Board.

Last evening we met at Vaccaro’s Pizzeria & Trattoria in Floral Park to thank our supporters, donors and campaign volunteers. We took stock of the campaign results that were coming in and conceded the election to Mark Weprin at about 10:10pm. We thanked all of you for your tireless work, time and energy. We had a great team, wonderful and hard working campaign manager and plenty of encouragement. Thank you all.

Moving forward, I will be joining the Queens Village Republican Club Board, and would ask each of you to become a club member at $25.00 a year. More importantly, I ask you to become active members of this club, participate in its functions and look to get our candidates elected. This is where politics begins, locally, and we’re counting on each of you to join us.

Joseph R. Concannon
Candidate for NYC Council District #23
Donations accepted online
Support Your Local Police

Joe Lhota Featured Speaker at Club Meeting

GENERAL CLUB MEETING: TUESDAY, SEPT 3, AT 7:30 PM at Trattoria Lucia Restaurant

Joe Lhota: Republican Candidate for New York City Mayor

Lhota banner

Republican City Council candidates will give updates on their campaigns:

Alex Blishteyn (CD #24, R,C)
Dennis Saffran (CD #19, R,C,Reform)
Joe Concannon (CD #23, Reform)
Scherie Murray (CD #31, R)
Sunny Hahn (CD #20, Reform)
Time: 7:30 pm – Free coffee, soda and cake.
8:00 – 10:00 pm – QVRC General Club Mtg

Trattoria Lucia Italian Restaurant
247-63 Jericho Turnpike, Bellerose, Queens, NY 11426

Directions: 5 blocks east of the Braddock Ave./Cross Island Pkwy intersection on Jericho Tpke. For public transportation, take the Q36 or N24 buses. 5 blocks from Bellerose LIRR Station. Parking is available in the Queens County Savings Bank parking lot next door

Queens Village Republican Club Meeting and Announcements

Queens Village Republican Club, America’s Oldest Republican Club, Founded 1875
SEPT, 2013                       WWW.QVGOP.ORG                   WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/QVGOP




Joe Lhota
Republican Candidate for NYC Mayor 


Republican City Council candidates
will give updates on their campaigns:
Alex Blishteyn (CD #24, R,C)
Dennis Saffran (CD #19, R,C,Reform)
Joe Concannon (CD #23, Reform)
Scherie Murray (CD #31, R)
Sunny Hahn (CD #20, Reform)


*at Trattoria Lucia Restaurant, 247-63 Jericho Turnpike, Bellerose, NY
*NOTE:  Sept. Club meeting is TUESDAY not THURSDAY

“Support Your Local Police”



Congratulations to our City Council candidates, Joe Concannon (District #23 – Oakland Gardens, Queens Village), Sunny Hahn (District #20 – Flushing), Dennis Saffran (District 19 – Northeast Queens)! All three candidates successfully secured the Reform Party ballot line for the November General Elections. The Reform Party is an independent, third party line on the ballot which will expand the ballot choices for Liberal and Democratic voters who are concerned with the safety and security of our city and fed up with the rampant culture of corruption in our city government.  All three candidates were proudly endorsed by the Queens Village Republican Club.



There are two meetings out of the yearly calendar devoted as dinner meetings. The Christmas (Dec.) meeting is one, and the other is October when we celebrate Christopher Columbus Day. The dinner is $35 per person with tax and tip included. There will be a choice of four entrees, plus coffee/tea/soda, dessert, salad, and pasta courses included. The purchase of the dinner is not mandatory (unlike the Dec. meeting,) but we do need a count for the restaurant. Please contact Jim Trent either at 718-343-8830 or to make your reservation. Entree choices are chicken francese, eggplant parmigiana, pork chop with vinegar peppers, and tilapia oreganata. Choices can be made at the dinner.



August 10th at Jim Trent’s Bellerose backyard saw 29 club members enjoying fine food and fine weather. We especially thank the following for making cash or in-kind donations to help the event clear approximately $450:

Joseph Concannon, William Horowitz, Kathleen Jones, Frances Lieu, Arlene Mooradian, Mr. & Mrs. Philip Sica, Don Sileo, Javelin Sybliss, and James Trent.

We were also pleased that the following candidates showed up: Joe Concannon (23rd C.D.), Scherie Murray (31st C.D.), Dennis Saffran (19th C.D.), and John Burnett, running for NYC Comptroller. We also had fun doing a sing along with professional harpist Jose Luis Rodriguez. Hope to see you all next year!!



If the envelope containing this issue of the The Queens Village Eagle sported a red dot, it means you are in membership arrears for the year 2013. We have enclosed a handy remittance envelope. Please use the back panel of the newsletter below (or photocopy) and mail back to us with your check payable to the Queens Village Republican Club. Your dues support day to day operations such as meeting hall rent, postage and printing of the newsletter, stationery supplies, Internet expenses, etc. Campaign support comes largely from the Lincoln’s Day Dinner proceeds. We need both sources of income to be a viable club. If you are not in arrears (no red dot) you can use the response envelope to pay ahead for 2014 or make a donation. Thank you.



Trattoria Lucia Italian Restaurant
247-63 Jericho Turnpike
Bellerose, Queens, NY 11426
phone: 718-343-2185

Time: 7:30 pm – Free coffee, soda and cake.
8:00 – 10:00 pm – QVRC General Club Meeting

Directions: 5 blocks east of the Braddock Ave./Cross Island Pkwy intersection on Jericho Tpke.  For public transportation, take the Q36 or N24 buses. 5 blocks from Bellerose LIRR Station. Parking is available in the Queens County Savings Bank parking lot next door.


1079-1080 PBA

Call Councilman Mark Weprin – 718-468-0137  (District 23) who voted for the two reckless bills, Intro 1079 and Intro 1080 comprising the Community Safety Act.
Call Councilmember Karen Koslowitz  – 718 544-8800  (District 29) who voted for Intro 1079 only.

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