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The Little Flower Flyer-crop-2Folks, we’re in the countdown.  Sunday, February 9 is the day our Lincoln Day Dinner takes off for what promises to be another stellar performance for this historic Club.

Tony Lo Bianco as Fiorello H La Guardia

Tony Lo Bianco as Fiorello H La Guardia

We are pleased to announce a stunning list of speakers. Actor Tony Lo Bianco has graciously agreed to be the Master of Ceremonies for our Lincoln Day Dinner at Antun’s. Tony’s career in films spans from 1968 to 2011 including roles in the French Connection (1971) and Body of Evidence (1988).  His television credits and live theatre roles are extensive and are available on-line for you to peruse. Currently Tony stars in a one-man show The Little Flower, which presents a historic look into the life and career of Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia – a courageous and flamboyant personality who fought against corruption and cleaned up city politics. “What this city needs is another LaGuardia!”

New President’s Acceptance Speech

This is the text of Phil Orenstein’s acceptance speech at the installation of new Club officers at the January 9, 2014 Queens Village Republican Club meeting.

Thank you for the great honor of being installed as President of the Queens Village Republican Club.  But I accept this role also as a great responsibility to continue to build our historical and iconic Club and the Republican Party in this part of Queens.

As former Congressman LTC Allen West, who was our keynote speaker at a past Lincoln Dinner, said:  “As the oldest GOP club in America, it is your duty to carry the torch for the Republican Party and its core principles for the whole nation.”  This is a tall order and I will do my utmost to fulfill this mission entrusted to us.

lincoln image-1

Abraham Lincoln was the original force behind the creation of a teeming network of Republican Clubs to build the Party organization and help in his presidential campaign with parades, brass bands, barbeques and rallies.  The Republican Party stood for opposition to slavery, for economic freedom, individual liberty, free market capitalism, opportunity, the dignity of work, self-improvement and hope, and it still does today.

WW II Veteran to be Honored at Lincoln Dinner

For a lifetime of service to his city, state and nation in his U.S. military and civilian careers in the City of New York, Lt. Col. John W. Peterkin is highly deserving of the “Veteran of the Year” award and the praise and gratitude of all Americans.

John Peterkin-1

Lieutenant Colonel John W. Peterkin (Ret.) U.S. Army, a decorated war hero who served in WW II, the Korean War and Vietnam, leads a humble life in the charming Village of Bellerose Manor, Queens.  A descendant of Jamaican, Native American and African heritage, John lives with his Vietnamese wife, Ngoc Thi, and his two sons, 1st Lt. Sylburn Van Peterkin, U.S. Army, now in active duty, and Capt. James Van Thach (Ret.) U.S. Army, who was seriously wounded while serving in Iraq, and now supports the Wounded Veteran Initiative helping his fellow veterans.

Only the limited circle of John’s closest friends and family have known of his lifetime of service to our city, state and nation up until now. He now has the opportunity to tell his story given the occasion of being honored at the gala Lincoln Day Dinner on Feb. 9, hosted by the Queens Village Republican Club, of which he is a longtime member. With a stellar line-up of speakers in the elegant setting of the famous Antun’s of Queens Village, the Lincoln Day Dinner is a commemoration of our greatest American president and the father of the Republican Party, Abraham Lincoln.

Open Letter to the Editor

Cathy Donohoe, member of Joint Parish Respect Life Committee, speaking at Press Conference

Cathy Donohoe, member of
Joint Parish Respect Life Committee,
speaking at Press Conference

On behalf of the Queens Village Republican Club, I would like to thank all the media outlets who covered our “Cuomo Outrage” press conference at Queens Borough Hall last Tuesday. Thanks for helping to make our voices heard in protest of Governor Cuomo’s intolerant remarks directed against a large swath of New Yorkers with politically different opinions than himself, that they should leave New York State.

While we embrace the entire spectrum of Republican perspectives from moderate to conservative, we do not consider the particular conservative views condemned and categorized by our Governor, and recently in a statement by Mayor de Blasio, as “extreme.” The majority of Americans hold pro-life beliefs, support the Second Amendment and traditional marriage. It is illustrative of the arrogance of power for a governor and a mayor to demonize a wide segment of the New York population because of their beliefs.

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