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Stop de Blasio!!

Welcome to Hell…..

The day after an NYPD cop was executed, while our subways, roads and infrastructure collapses, while our city burns, Mayor de Blasio jets off to Germany to rally leftist protesters against the G-20. 

Have you had enough of de Blasio and the anti-American bureaucrats on the City Council? These are the same City Council members and elected officials who joined the mayor and Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito to march in honor of convicted terrorist bomb-maker, Oscar Lopez Rivera in the recent Puerto Rican Day Parade, who cheered on traitor Chelsea Manning, marching in the NYC Gay Pride Parade, and who tripped all over themselves praising anti-Semite, terrorist enabler Linda Sarsour, when she gave the CUNY commencement address.

Corruption and Mayor Bill de Blasio

Corruption and Mayor Bill de Blasio

By Joseph Concannon

The Lost Hope from Park Slope, Mayor Bill de Blasio has managed to annoy, aggravate and consume the time of endless investigators and the citizens of this great city far too long.  It is time for a clean break.  No matter where you look, de Blasio and his cronies have set off another blazing firestorm of reckless behavior and very unwise public policy.  Whether it’s the homeless crisis, the $10k debt per taxpayer, the building of prisons in every county, overdevelopment in our community, adoption of basement apartments as an affordable housing solution, his utter disrespect for those in law enforcement, mismanagement of city agencies, and his insanely absentee behavior in City Hall, de Blasio has proven to be a clear ZERO!  The arrogance of this man and the entire “I’m above it all mentality” is sickening.

Mother Nature: The Great Equalizer

Mother Nature: The Great Equalizer

By Joseph Concannon

“…The People of the State of New York have been subjected to a Corruption Tax.”

No one could argue that this last political cycle was contentious, partisan and filled with unrest and uncertainty.  The direction of the nation is about to do a 180-degree change that has some feeling unsettled.  Some of us find this refreshing and others are just downright combative and resistant as ever.  The Trump team is assembling, confirmation hearings have begun, and by the time you receive this newsletter we will have a new President.  Donald J Trump is now the 45th President of the United States of America.  Wow, what a year this has been!

Trump Wins!!

Trump Wins!!

By Frederick Bedell

trump-win-1The most unlikely candidate for president, President-Elect Donald J. Trump, has achieved a monumental upset against Hillary Clinton. He now has won the most powerful position in the world. And added to the fact he never ran for public office before. Yet he has done so because of his love for the America and the American people. President-Elect Donald Trump ran for the highest office in the nation because he believes America could do better for the hard working people who he believed were forgotten. Hillary Clinton lost in part because she ran against a man who had a greater vision and a dream for all Americans. Now is the time to unite America, regardless of what divides us with so many problems that need to be addressed. I believe President-Elect Donald J. Trump is the personification of his slogan which is,” Make American Great Again.” That is because he has a dream that he believes can be achieved. In closing let me wish President-Elect Trump success, for  “We the people are counting on you!”

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.
Glen Oaks Village, N.Y.

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